When a house’s roof must be replaced, sometimes people do it on their own which can save them quite a bit of money. But not everyone has the skill, background or even time to accomplish this task by themselves. Whether you require an entirely new roof for your house or just some repairs on its existing one – it becomes crucially important to conduct an interview with potential roofers prior to making any serious commitment.

Check Your Roofer’s Qualifications and Warranties

Roof certifications are very important to decide the health of your roof. They give a fair evaluation about how it is currently, and also certifies that it reaches certain levels in terms of quality and safety. Having a roof certification is beneficial no matter if you are purchasing or selling a home. It assures buyers that the roof is in good condition and for sellers, it boosts the marketability or price of their property.

Roof certifications are not just papers, they represent the skills and know-how of those who provide them. These certifications come from much experience and education, guaranteeing that your roof assessment is correct and trustworthy.

There are different types of roof warranties, each with its own coverage and duration:

Manufacturer’s Warranty: This warranty is given by the maker of the roofing material and it covers only defects in materials. Normally, this type of warranty will last for an exact number of years.

Workmanship Guarantee: The roofing contractor provides this guarantee, which includes any problems related to installation. The time period for this can be different but is usually less than that of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Extended Warranty: For extra protection after the regular warranty period, some makers or builders have extended warranties you can get. These may need an additional payment.

Get a Contract and Arrange Payments With Your Roofer

Your estimate needs to cover the warranties that will be given for your roof replacement. It should clarify what kind of material warranty you will obtain from the manufacturer.

The estimate given by the roofing contractor will also include their workmanship warranty. However, you should understand that this might differ among companies.

After your contractor presents you with the estimate, a time period is set. This duration should be stated in and clear on the estimate.

Considering that roofing material prices can change frequently in a specific area, usually proposals are considered valid for 90 days. If you plan to sign the proposal later than 90 days, your estimate will be modified to show the current costs of materials.

Ask for a Background Check

Knowing the company that will install your roof is useful. After you get to know who installed it, do some research on them. A check of their history will assist you in determining if they can be trusted or not. If you are not sure about their reliability or they have a bad reputation, then it is wise to bring in a trustworthy contractor for another inspection.

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